Erin Wilkins L.Ac.

Executive Director 


Herb Folk Community Medicine is a Sonoma County non-profit making holistic and herbal medicine accessible, affordable and empowering.  And this is what we're about:

  • Increase access to healthcare by hosting low cost community clinics in Petaluma and the Bay Area.

  • Host events and classes on how to easily incorporate herbs and holistic health care in to daily life.

  • Creating systems of inclusivity and equity in herbalism and holistic medicine.

  • Empower people to increase self awareness and help change the way they approach disease, discomfort and their environment.

  • Honor healthcare and holistic medicine as a fundamental human right.

Herb Folk


Erin Wilkins is a holistic health practitioner and community health activist. As an Eastern trained herbalist and acupuncturist, her work focuses on restoring health and preventing illness by using a combination of herbs, energy work, supplements, nutrition, and lifestyle advice. Her passion is making holistic health care more accessible in our community. She is the founding director and President of the Board of Herb Folk. Her private practice is Open Hand Acupuncture in Petaluma, CA.


Amanda Del Bene is a stylist and writer with a focus on  

community, family and seasonal rhythms. Her experience with visual merchandising and retail operations serves to bring life to our clinic and holistic offerings. She is deeply committed to building community and lifting up local businesses, farms and artists. She is the creative director and Vice President of the Board of Herb Folk in Petaluma, CA.

Carrie Kane

Holistic Nutritionist

Amy Eden Jollymore

Board Member;

Editor of the Herb Folk Seasonal 


Abby Rappoport

Board Member;

Secretary of the Board

Deanne Jean

Board Member

Alyssa Melody

Board Member

Dr. Aurora Richard

Board Member

Tess Kofoid

Board Member

Founding Board Member

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