Adding herbs and healing plants to broth is a cornerstone of home cooking  across cultures-- think garlic, onion, thyme + parsley stems.  The herbs common in traditional eastern medicine are ideal for broths and soups because they need to be simmered slowly over time to release all of their medicinal properties.  This recipe includes four eastern herbs that are traditionally used to restore and nourish Yin energy- including the blood, body fluids and deep vitality. 


Reishi is a favorite mushroom in eastern herbalism- it benefits the stress response, immunity and is anti-infammatory. Angelica Root and Chinese Yam are deeply nourishing to the Blood and precious Yin fluids. Jujubeis are a harmonizing herb that strengthens Qi and calms the mind.


Ingredients: Pesticide-free Reishi/ Ling Zhi, Jujube Dates/ Da Zao, Angelica Root/ Dang Gui, Chinese Yam/ Shan Yao


Instructions: Add herbs to broth or use to make homemade stock (up to 80oz of liquid). Simmer on low heat for 15-30 minutes - to hours, depending on if using premade stock or making homemade stock. Do not reduce the liquid. Strain out the herbs and compost. Use the broth as you normally would. Excellent as a daily grounding mug of nourishment. 


Our herbs are always pesticide-free or organic. We use herbs that are sustainably sourced and locally grown by small independent farmers whenever possible.


All proceeds benefit our non-profit holistic clinic and community health projects.

Yin Broth Herbs

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