Herbal formula to strengthen immune system and secure healthy Qi to ward off cold/flu.


Yu Ping Feng Tang (Jade Wind Screen) is a traditional formula to prevent cold/flu and strenthen the immune system. Fortifies both physical and energetic boundaries.

Includes instructions on how to brew/decoct the herbs. Makes 8+ cups. Enough for at least one week of herbal decoction. LIMIT 2 bags per household.


The Huang Qi strengthens Qi engery to help the body fight off pathogens, viruses + harmful bacteria. Bai Zhu and Fang Feng benefits qi, drain damp and assists the Huang Qi to secure the body's defenses. Da Zao is a tonic to build Qi + Blood, calm the mind and balance the formula.


Ingredients: Huang Qi/astragalus, Bai Zhu/atractylodis, Fang feng/saposhnikoviae, Lian Qiao/Forsythia, Da Zao/fructus jujube.


Dose: For immune building, take 1/2 cup warmed tea each day for a week.  When sick, take 1/2 cup twice a day for four days.


Our herbs are always pesticide-free or organic. We use herbs that are sustainably sourced and locally grown by small independent farmers whenever possible.


All proceeds benefit our non-profit holistic clinic and community health projects.

Yu Ping Feng Tang- Gentle Formula

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